Kathryn Schultz is not yet the greatest public speaker that's ever been on TED (ok, I'm not setting the bar low), but more importantly she does remind us of our fallability.

One of her interesting points in this talk is that Being Wrong feels exactly like Being Right

Inspiring to go over your portfolio and question again if you are on the right side.

The talk also helps you understand why many discussion on the internet and off the internet follow a predictable pattern. According to her when someone disagrees with us, we move through three phases:

At first we assume

1. The person is ignorant: he doesn't have the same facts, that's why he doesn't reach the same conclusion.
2. If it turns out he does have the facts: He must be an Idiot!
3. When the person doesn't turn out to be an idot, or there is a lot of evidence to the contray there is only one possibility left: He is evil!

The next time I disagree with you, remind me of this video :)

Being Wrong: Feels like Being Right

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dinsdag 23 april 2013



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